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Daltons Oragnic Nufert Fertiliser 5KG


Where BioGro certification is required or 100% organic products are preferred. A slow release fertiliser applied at planting.


Daltons Organic NuFert is a slow release fertiliser produced using natural ingredients. Plant nutrients are injected into Zeolite granules through a special “charging process”. This protects added nutrients from leaching, providing a longer term, consistent supply. Plant roots then extract the nutrients from the Zeolite as the plant grows. This prevents damage to fine roots, making Daltons Organic NuFert safe to use in any gardening situation.
For optimum results Daltons Organic NuFert should be worked into the soil prior to sowing or planting to ensure that plant roots are in contact with the granules.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safe, chemical free
  • Long lasting.

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